Who We Are

We are CJ Prime!
Affordable, Premium Meats and Groceries Delivered to You

Two renown family owned and operated food suppliers in GTA, Sunwoo Global Inc. and Triple A Food Trading Inc. recently merged as CJ Prime Inc. Over 45 years of combined experience of two families in the wholesale and retail industry has been proven and with this exciting new venture, we can now provide the same premium quality meats at wholeasle price to households all over Southern Ontario rather than only local households.

As an Ontario meat plant licensed facility, CJ Prime aims to provide best quality meats and services. Our products are pre-packaged in most desirable portion sizes which allowed us to maximize quality, efficiency and savings. And the savings gets passed along to our customers to keep food cost down in this economically uncertain time.

We pride ourselves on providing the best shopping experience when you are craving for meats. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We're always ready to listen and provide.

As an Ontario meat plant licensed facility, with no retail location, we are able to provide great savings to our customers. To pass along the best unit cost savings, our meats are packaged and sold in bulk. We have always focused on providing the right product for the needs of our food service customers with custom slicing, dicing and trimming available on almost any cut. The world is your oyster when it comes to meat!

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality meats at TRUE wholesale pricing. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask if you're looking for anything specific. We're here to listen and provide.

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