NY Striploin (AAA Grade), 12oz & 16oz


NY Striploin (AAA grade)

Well-marbled and fro. . .

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NY Striploin (AAA grade)

Well-marbled and from the Short Loin, near the Tenderloin. This Stripe Loin can be prepared as a bone-in roast or cut into Bone-in Strip Steaks. Strip refers to the group of muscles that extends the length of the Top Loin adjacent to the spine bone and on top of the finger bone.

Ontario Corn-Fed Beef. Freshly Frozen. This means we don't wait and keep until before the best before date to freeze. We freeze right away to ensure the meat quality is at its best quality when thawed and eaten.

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12 oz & 16 oz

Best Practice

Best for Grill, Broil, or Pan-Sear

Type: Beef
Package Size: 12 oz, 16 oz